Spelling tips, techniques and strategies


Many adults have trouble with spelling. Some of us get confused by similar sounding words like ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, or ‘affect’ and ‘effect’.


Or you may have a form of dyslexia, which requires a more systematic approach to memorising words.


For the best tips and techniques I’ve found to help you get to grips with spelling whatever your current level of confidence, follow this link to word strategies.

Spellcheck is a useful tool, and many of the howlers we used to see regularly in documents have been all but wiped out. But if you’re relying on it too much, be aware that tools like this are not foolproof.

Some words seem to cause problems, even for seasoned writers. The page on word lists contains the most commonly misused words that crop up again and again in people’s letters, business reports, emails and resumes. Make sure you aren’t making these mistakes in your important documents!

How to write numbers can also be a tricky subject. When should you spell something out in words, and when is it better to use figures? Luckily there are some professional conventions emerging that give guidance on this.

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