Consumer Complaint Letters

Consumer complaint letters can get you results!


Consumer complaint letters can get you the results you want. This is a proven example that worked for me!


J Bendell
52 Caledonian Road, Manchester, M11 7RP


5 May 2010



The Manager
Hokey Kokey Travel Insurance
11B Victoria Street
M3 7PL

Your reference: 3712/139/PB1 




Dear Sir or Madam

Policy number: 1278645-YH


I am writing to complain about the above policy, on the grounds that the wording is misleading.

I sent you a claim form for non-refundable hotel costs incurred when my flight to Munich was cancelled by the airline, EasyAir, on 18 July 2010. Yesterday I received a letter from you informing me that my claim had been rejected. The reason given was that the policy only insures me for cancellation if I have to cancel my flight due to illness or redundancy.

The wording on the policy document (page 3) states:

“We will indemnify you for

  1. unused charges associated with your trip that are not refundable and which were incurred before your departure date if you have to cancel your trip; and
  2. the cost of a one way airfare if you have to cancel your trip due to illness …or redundancy.”


Illness and redundancy are only mentioned in paragraph two, which refers exclusively to the airfare. I am not claiming for the cost of the airfare, so these conditions are irrelevant. Non-refundable hotel charges that I incurred due to flight cancellation should be covered under any reasonable interpretation of paragraph one unless specifically excluded, which they are not.

Under these circumstances I want you to:

  1. Reimburse my claim for hotel expenses.
  2. Change the wording in section B of the Policy document so that it is does not mislead prospective customers.

I look forward to your swift response.

Yours faithfully



J Bendell

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