Spelling Word Lists

Use these spelling word lists to improve your spelling

These spelling word lists will help you identify the most common errors. Use them to check your work and practice your spelling.

Note that not all these words are difficult to spell. Some are just very easy to misspell when we’re typing, and even a computer spell checker won’t spot them!


1. Words that are often confused or misused

Word Meaning Example
Your Belongs to you Your bags are in the hall
You’re You are You’re in trouble!
Their Belongs to them Their coats are in the wardrobe
They’re They are They’re going to Scotland tomorrow
There In or at that place The spider is over there
To affect To have an influence on something The noise outside affected his concentration
To effect (verb) To create I want to effect a change in the schedule
An effect (noun) A change or result The noise had an effect on him

2. Words that are mispronounced and misspelled

February Surprise Eighth
Forty Schedule Disastrous
Vegetable Miniature Temperature


3. Silent letters

Undoubtedly Subtle Exhaust
Heir Rheumatism Rhyme
Align Design Cupboard
Mortgage Bankruptcy Receipt
Acquire Ascertain Miscellaneous


4. Tricky prefixes and suffixes 

Dissatified Misspell Reelection
Accidentally Skiing Forseeable
Lying Dying Tying
Trafficking Disservice Unnatural
Disagreeable Truly Costliness


 5. Just tricky


Embarrass Unparalleled Glamorous Guarantee
Ache Eligible Grammar Gauge
Height Laboratory Leisure Tomorrow
Ninety Fascinate Opponent Maintenance

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